The 2015-2016 annual report from the Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research

Putting Women And Girls Of Color At The Center: Shifting The Tide Of Research Through Institutional Leadership And Sustained Investments

Annual Report from the Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research
November 2015 – November 2016

The Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research is a national coalition of institutions in the United States committed to taking meaningful action to support and improve research addressing the lives of women and girls of color. This report contain highlights of the commitments and accomplishments from each Collaborative member from November 2015-2016.The Collaborative currently has 55 members whose combined financial commitments at their own institutions to support and produce research totals more than $75 million.The heart of the Collaborative is institution-specific commitments, allowing research by and addressing the lives of women and girls of color to advance across the country at dozens of institutions with different missions and approaches.

The 2015-2016 work of Collaborative members includes, but is not limited to:

  • Support for new faculty research or interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Postdoctoral fellowship and faculty positions
  • Undergraduate and graduate student research support
  • STEM pipeline programs and research initiatives
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Developing new quantitative and qualitative data and research material
  • Generating research-based policy solutions
  • Positioning girls and women of color as the experts on their own lives
  • Translating research into community-centered information, programs, and initiatives

“Provosts, deans, directors, and other institutional leaders have publicly acknowledged the need for research investigating women and girls of color and the value of this research in advancing equity for women and girls of color. By joining the Collaborative, they have declared that this research is an institutional priority. As the Collaborative grows and the work produced and supported by these institutions gains wider audiences, perhaps we can begin to see more clearly, to recognize more fully, and to advance more steadily the cause of equity and justice for women and girls of color. The stakes are high. The commitments are deep. The investments are meaningful. As the struggle continues, so too does the work.”

Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, Maya Angelou Presidential Chair, Wake Forest University