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Signatory: Halley Potter, Fellow

Joined: November 2015

Contact: Halley Potter, Fellow

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The Century Foundation is committed to advancing scholarship focusing on and elevating the stories of women and girls of color. TCF’s commitment to women and girls of color also includes a promise to remain intersectional in our analysis across issue areas, continuously asking about the impact of policies and practices on persons across the gender spectrum and of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Recently, TCF has demonstrated this work through the following projects:

Fellows Halley Potter, Andrew Stettner, and Julie Kashen’s report, “Quality Jobs, Quality Childcare,” argues that providing higher salaries to early childcare workers correlates with higher quality early childhood. The early childcare education (ECE) workforce is overwhelmingly comprised of women, and is disproportionately made up of women of color. The report explores ways to raise wages of ECE workers that “maintain a diverse workforce reflective of the children served” and preserve the field’s relative strength as an “employment opportunity for people of color, especially women.”

TCF intern Walter Jean-Jacques, in addition to working with Halley Potter on early childhood workforce research, also worked with policy associate Kimberly Quick to compile a list of organizations or school districts that have replaced or supplemented punitive school disciplinary action with some form of trauma informed care. The forthcoming reports that will follow this research will center the experiences of and impact on girls and gender non-conforming persons of color. Walter previewed some of this in a commentary piece profiling the Sadie Nash Leadership Project, a NYC and Newark nonprofit that provides resources and supports to young women of color.

“The Century Foundation focuses on expanding opportunity and reducing inequality, and highlighting the experiences of women and girls of color is essential to that work. Being a part of the Collaborative has helped us commit to bringing an intersectional lens to our policy research. The American experience certainly isn’t one size fits all, and policy proposals shouldn’t be either.”

Halley Potter, Fellow