Dr. Rebecca Louise Carter
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Urban Studies

Rebecca researches the production of knowledge about the human condition in the twenty-first century, examining the conditions of social and environmental vulnerability that impact human dwelling in a globalized and now urbanized world, tracing in particular the creative movements, practices, forms of relatedness, and ways of inclusive being that support human survival, flourishing, and the sustainable development of the world to come. Rebecca considers the pasts, present realities, and possible futures of these places and their inhabitants, focusing in particular on the ways that residents – particularly youth at the urban margins – understand, creatively navigate, and remake the city and world they envision.

Featured Publication(s):
CARTER, REBECCA LOUISE. Valued Lives in Violent Places: Black Urban Placemaking at a Civil Rights Memorial in New Orleans City & Society. 2014; 26 (2) : 239-261.