Center for the Study of Social Policy

Signatory: Judy Meltzer, Deputy Director

Joined: October 2016

Contact: Tashira Halyard, Senior Associate

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The Center for the Study of Social Policy is an equity-driven policy and systems change organization that has a growing focus on the needs of young women and girls of color involved in public systems like child welfare and juvenile justice. CSSP produces research, publications and policy recommendations focused on girls of color involved with intervening public systems, and convenes the Accelerating Change Network, a learning and action community comprised of organizations serving girls of color who are involved in or at risk for involvement in public systems.

Efforts over the past year have included:

  • Helping to frame the themes and agenda for a national symposium sponsored by the White House Council on Women and Girls and the Domestic Policy council on Girls of Color and Intervening Public Systems: How Can Communities Interrupt the Sexual Abuse-to-Prison Pipeline. CSSP staff gave presentations at the symposium.
  • Two publications focused on the needs of girls of color, Dismantling the Pipeline: Addressing the Needs of Women and Girls of Color Involved in Intervening Public Systems and Fight for Our Girls focusing on girls of color charged with status offenses.
  • Launching the Accelerating Change Award to bring greater attention to the needs of girls and young women of color in the child welfare, juvenile justice and mental health systems, and to the approaches that can support and create opportunities for them. The inaugural awardees are PACE Center for Girls, My Life My Choice, Rocha Inc.’s Young Mother’s Program, Young Women’s Project and viBe Theater Experience. The Accelerating Change Award is being organized into a peer-to-peer network next year that will include our inaugural awardees.

“CSSP is delighted to join the Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research. It’s an honor to be among such esteemed colleagues committed to creating stronger opportunities for girls of color to thrive. As we fight to elevate our girls’ hopes and needs, we look forward to having the collaborative as a source of new connections, promising ideas, practices and support for our collective work.”

Judy Meltzer, Deputy Director