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Signatory: Joanne Braxton, President

Joined: November 2016

Contact: Joanne Braxton, President

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As a member of the collaborative, The Braxton Institute recognizes the critical need for increased research investigating women and girls of color and the value this research holds in advancing equity for women and girls of color. Associates of the Braxton Institute conduct research in such diverse areas as the spiritual and emotional health and well-being of black women and girls, narrative ethics, the impact of grief and trauma on black women and girls and the experiences of black women and girls in the academy. Other research by program associates focuses on integrative interventions for both clinical and non-clinical settings. Such research promotes equity and well-being.

The Braxton Institute offers consultations, workshops, training events and retreats for people engaged in helping and care-giving professions, especially those in teaching, ministry and medicine. It serves those engaged in care-giving activities that expose them to trauma and injustice, and those who face prejudices that create additional challenges to sustainability in their work due to their gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, culture or religious affiliation. In addition, the Braxton Institute documents and publicizes research and commitments through the creation of archives, curriculum, and the accumulation of quantitative and qualitative data.


“We are a ministry of teaching and healing. We are also researchers and writers. One of our core values is deep listening. We advance scholarship on black women and girls as well as other vulnerable populations not only through traditional research and writing but by documenting authentic narratives of black women and girls whose voices identify them as leading theorists of social justice.”

Joanne Braxton, President