Auburn Theological Seminary

Signatory: Reverend Dr. Katharine Henderson, President

Joined: November 2015

Contact: Lisa Anderson, Vice President, Intersectional Engagement & Strategic Convening

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Auburn Theological Seminary launched the second cohort of Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle (STLC): Engaging Black Transgender Women of Faith and Moral Courage in March, 2016. The 2016 Cohort will work with a cohort of transgender women of color, who are experiencing an increase in violence in their communities. Transgender leaders are making their visible mark in spaces that have previously closed their doors to them. In response to this reality, the STLC is dedicating the second cohort to supporting the bodies, minds and spirits of transgender activists.

The Walter Wink Scholar Activist Award was inaugurated in November 2015 and was awarded to Rev. Dr. Traci West, the James W. Pearsall Professor of Christian Ethics and African American Studies at Drew University Theological School. Rev. Dr. West is a tireless advocate on behalf of women and girls nationally and globally with a particular emphasis on disrupting the systems of violence that plague the lives of women of color. Auburn will honor Dr. West at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. The award will be presented annually during the American Academy of Religion conference to a leader who best expresses a commitment to justice through a significant body of scholarly work grounded in the faith communities and their capacity to embrace and advocate for the most vulnerable in our world.

“It is our privilege to convene the Transgender women’s circle in 2016-17, and in light of the mission of the Collaborative, we are excited to share what we know will be the unique findings about how to disrupt the supremacist logics that undermine the wholeness and wellness of black women, as well as deepen our understanding of what every black and brown women needs to survive and thrive in the world.”

Lisa Anderson, Vice-President, Intersectional Engagement & Strategic Convening