Dr. Akilah Dulin Keita
Manning Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Social Science,

Dr. Dulin Keita is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences in the Brown University School of Public Health. Dr. Dulin Keita obtained a PhD in Medical Sociology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2007 and joined Brown University in July of 2012. She is affiliated with the Institute for Community Health Promotion.

Dr. Dulin Keita studies neighborhood contexts of diet, physical activity and obesity-related comorbidities. She has particular interests in processes of neighborhood dynamics resulting from urban revitalization policies and public health interventions and the potential effects on the aforementioned behavioral and health outcomes. She is also interested in using mixed methods approaches to identify culturally appropriate childhood obesity interventions for underserved Asian populations, and examining the roles of psychosocial stressors on health behaviors and cardiovascular disease risk factors. Additionally, she examine the roles of social stressors on physiologic functioning and intervention delivery.