African American Female Achievement Initiative

Signatory: Sultanah Corbett, CEO

Joined: August 2016

Contact: Sultanah Corbett, CEO

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This year AAFAI’s founder and lead director Sultanah Corbett became a Champion of The Oakland Promise, which is a cradle-to-career initiative, out of the Mayor’s office, that aims to triple the number of college graduates from Oakland within the next decade.  AAFAI’s partnership with the Oakland Promise is to inform on cultural frameworks that support best practices, helping to make such an outcome attainable.  AAFAI is scheduled to lead, in partnership with UC Berkeley, an action research listening campaign that will ultimately guide educational policies designed to positively impact the academic and social lives of African American girls and young women attending learning institutions.

The AAFAI network has provided a recent opportunity to present at the White House Conference on STEM inclusion for young scholars of color. AAFAI is currently working closely with 75 girls of color in grades K-5th. They are also active participants in the listening campaign. AAFAI was founded in August 2014.

“AAFAI’s goal is to address and treat the historical mistreatment, neglect and underserving of African American girl and young women students, who attend OUSD schools, with remedies inclusive of a collective push towards healing and progressive learning environments that promote academic achievement, meaningful opportunities, and positive civic engagement.”
Sultanah Corbett, Founder and Lead Director