Wake Forest Joins White House Initiative on Women, Girls of Color

Wake Forest University is among a group of two dozen colleges, universities and public interest organizations that collectively announced $18 million in commitments to support and improve academic research about women and girls of color.The announcement on Friday, Nov. 13, came during a daylong summit on “Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color” co-hosted by White House Council on Women and Girls and the Anna Julia Cooper Center at Wake Forest University. Wake Forest Provost Rogan Kersh introduced the “Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research” to publicly affirm the critical need for research about women and girls of color and commit resources of member institutions to pursuing and supporting this research.“Women of color will constitute more than half of all women in the United States by 2050, but they are infrequently the central subjects of scholarly inquiry,” said Kersh, a prominent social scientist who also serves as a professor of politics and international affairs. “This research deficit has meaningful consequences for the ways our institutions contribute to public discourse and policy making. As part of the collaborative, Wake Forest is proud to be among such a distinguished group of institutions that seeks to address this deficit.”